Conflict Management, Mediation or Family Constellation

Another special field to AuraSound Vibrational Medicine is a possibility to do conflict management and mediation interventions, using only instruments – and especially using the Sound Galaxies crystal singing bowls. For this kind of session, you should plan between 2 to 2,5 hours this gives some relaxed cozy integration time. Issues e.g. – why do I have this disease? Why did this friendship or partnership break away? Where is the energy leak in my business? Any other conflict (=question) can then be answered through Sound Therapy (AuraSound Vibrational Medicine).

Why? Because when we experience shocks which lead to blocks– they usually bypass the brain hemisphere which is responsible for language. We feel – if I could just “name” it – then all will be good and resolved. But we often don’t have an expression or a verbal language context for what we “shockingly” experienced – but we have put it into memory with an accompanying “sound” pattern. AuraSound Vibrational Medicine helps to ensure the release of this stored up traumata – quickly, efficiently, gently, dynamically!

Also, for connaisseurs who just want 1 hour of „Sound Experience“ for releasing, integrating, wellness pleasure, an AuraSound Vibrational Medicine Session, the price per hour is € 150.00 or $ 175.00.

AuraSound Vibrational Medicine to become a practitioner or to do self-development differently

If you are interested in becoming an AuraSound Vibrational Medicine Practitioner – please contact me for conditions and dates in the USA.

The full training is made up of 5 modules of 4x 2 days (weekends usually) and 1x 5 days “graduation” seminar. For the USA Market it could be more feasible to do 2x 4 days and 1x 5 days to cut down on everyone’s travel expenses. But I am open for friendly solutions! AND I am open and would be thankful to be hosted!

Here is a VERY brief overview of the modules that make up this unique certification process (go to for full details):

Module – Crystal Instruments – Bowls, Rods, various Forks, Harps, Lyre, Chimes, Bells – focus playing techniques, Processes: de-stress the teeth and jaw. Healing the navel, tailbone and scar-tissue, Shame releasing. Why is crystal such an important way of life in the new decade?

Module – 5 Elements – The turn of era’s – difference between the old earth matrix and the new crystalline Earth.

Module – YOUR Voice – the oldest most organic sound healing tool around

Module – Conflict Management + Mediation + Family constellation processes (all done only using instruments!!!)

Module – Graduation week – each participant presents a sound healing concept (could also be a niche product or process they create for their own business branding) to the group for critical evaluation. In addition, these modules are also focused on: working with Dementia/Alzheimer Patients, using Sound Therapy in Hospice, Spirit Releasement sound healing for cleansing houses, properties, offices, Aura’s etc. Sometimes we do an Aqua session – crystal bowls underwater wellness sessions, sometimes an Inner child process – depends upon the group.

After 12 successful years of Vibrational Medicine in Europe I am so excited to now branch out and embrace North America to share new tools, methodologies and processes to enlighten your established Sound Healing practice or to teach you to boldly create your own successful Sound Healing practice.

CONTACT ME PLEASE!!!  I can hardly wait to hear from you, so that we can play and work together!!! 🎼🎶🎵 🎶🎵

Dr. phil. Lysa Jean Farmer

Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie

High Performance Coach™

Runes to Riches Consultancy + Publishing e.K.