Are an innovation from the internationally recognized Vibrational Medicine expert, Dr. phil. Lysa Jean Farmer, founder of AuraSound Vibrational Medicine as well as the “Crystal Sound Balancing ® Journeys”

Lysa Jean Farmer, founder of AuraSound Vibrational Medicine as well as the “Crystal Sound Balancing ® Journeys” She has also successfully held seminars and training courses in Italy, Slovenia, Paris, New Zealand, Bhutan, Hawaii, Sedona, Reno, Iceland, Egypt and the Canary Islands.

In 2008, in addition to her already successful certification processes of AuraPlus, GraceRays and The Power of 13, Lysa launched her own international certification process for Sound Healing called “AuraSound Vibrational Medicine” (details below). Lysa also does something that probably no one else does in the sound healing scene – she has adapted processes into a sound healing context. These sessions are called Crystal Sound Balancing® Journeys.

A select selection of the processes are listed below and is a starting point for introducing their work on a larger scale in North America. After 12 successful years in Europe, Lysa is excited to bring her Vibrational Medicine empathy, skills and knowledge to the US and Canada.

Crystal Sound Balancing®-Journeys are geared to all age groups, can be experienced on a 1:1 or group basis, online or still my favourite 😊 – „vis a vis“! Coming from a musical, psychology and management background I love bringing all my worlds together in a neat coherent creative unit. CSB®- Journeys are usually based on 7 steps. Why 7? It is the legacy steps of the Hero(ine) who passes through 7 milestones (in music we would say chords) to fulfill their life’s mission to be seen as integer, admired and be rewarded. They must address growth, conflicts, animosity, being courageous, staying true to themselves and accepting their just rewards with dignity. Most people (and children) no longer know/learn how to debate or have fruitful confrontations. It is win-lose, all or nothing. I use this mythological, legendary 7-system with sound (= all kinds of instruments but mostly crystal ones because of their high Hz to create powerful and speedy breakthroughs) to express the journey’s step and emotions. We have the role of the Hero(ine) (= client/protagonist), then the force blocking the Hero(ine) is included, which is antagonistic and lots of times it is an elemental belief of the birth-family, a company founder, or a soul “addiction” structure. A “goodness-force” or unique potential is included and which also always exists in any family system (usually undefined, unnoticed, uncherished.) This powerful soul level element supports the protagonist if they integrate it. The client has the „job“ to stay on track and to complete the journey to transform their life or business. The best part – all of these interventions are primarily achieved though SOUND/Music! Wordless. My belief – there is always a way out of every distressing/shocking situation, under „Grace“. Music (Therapy) is „Grace“ and sacred space in action! On a Crystal Sound Balancing® Journey, we are creating together a „high end“ sound healing process. The instruments we will be using, mainly Sound Galaxies Crystal Singing Bowls, DS-Crystal Singing Rods, and other innovative instruments are the finest available. For example, the Sound Galaxies crystal singing bowls receive their dazzling colours as well as their unique Logo from Swarovski® in Austria and can all be purchased through Lysa.

Here you can choose your very own Crystal Sound Balancing Journey:

    • Crystal Sound Balancing® Journey: The Hero’s Journey (= reawakening your inner divine masculine)
    • Crystal Sound Balancing® Journey: Your creative, successful expression – detaching yourself from the mother’s breath – a different way of cutting the umbilical cord between generations – (= reawakening your inner divine woman)
    • Crystal Sound Balancing® Journey: The 7-stage journey of the soul: during this life cycle: Aramasolea, Avasaromea, Amaracolea, Asadasorea, Avasadovea, Acamanovea, Acasovadea
    • Crystal Sound Balancing® Journey: No wonder I play small!! – Integration der Selbstschutzmechanismen von Selbstsabotage + Aufschub (Ehrung Ihres Kampfes)Here you can choose your very own Crystal Sound Balancing Journey:
    • Crystal Sound Balancing® Journey: My Successful Business: Honoring and Owning Your Empowerment) – Get a real feel for your business through SOUND, i.e.: Administration/Operations, Human Resources, Customer Service, IT, Manufacturing, R&D, Purchasing, Marketing/ Advertising, sales, accounting & finance, logistics / sales, law. You will hear a difference!
    • Crystal Sound Balancing® Journey: Integrating Archetypes of Co-Creation: (Self, Female, Male, Hero, Antagonist, Death, Journey)
    • Crystal Sound Balancing® Journey: High Performance Excellence: Clarity, Energy, Impact, Productivity, Necessity, Courage, Sustainable Success
    • Crystal Sound Balancing® Journey: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Use your own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual resources. Be proactive, start with the goal in mind, put the most important things first, think win/win, try to understand – and then be understood, create synergies.
    • Crystal Sound Balancing® Journey: Teeth Balancing: In the dental context, occlusion simply means contact between the teeth. On this journey we explore the physical, psychological and spiritual purpose of your teeth.
    • Crystal Sound Balancing® Journey: Relationship: The 7 secrets of a happy relationship/marriage: Bring your partner landscape up to date (= process divorce(s); cultivate affection and admiration for each other; turn towards each other – instead of away from each other; let your partner “influence” you favorably; solve the solvable problems; Overcome (un)conscious stalemate; create shared meaning
    • Crystal Sound Balancing® Journey: The Way of the Wild Woman = the mobile joy of life: innocent, healer, caring, lover, visionary, warrior, wise
    • Crystal Sound Balancing® Journey: Your Brain Is Constantly Listening to You! Transform the spiteful chatter!
      7 Brain Shapes “Fire Dragons”: Inspired by Dr. Daniel Amen’s book: “Your Brain Is Always Listening”. The following unconscious “brain fire dragons” can influence your happiness, success, health and relationships. How are you positioned here? As we transform this journey, the fires that lead to “inflammation” and ignite them into creativity, vitality and more self-love so that in the future you only listen and follow this healthy inner voice!

        • Parents (Ancestors) Dragons: Your brain is always listening to the voices of your mother or father (or mother or father figures). How often have you been criticized, belittled, or pressured to always be better?
        • Siblings and Birth Order Dragons: Your brain is always listening to your birth order and the voices of your siblings, who often competed with you for your parents’ attention.
        • Children’s Dragons: Your brain is always listening to the voices of your children, who often (though not always) adored you during their elementary school years, only to push you away, criticize you during their teenage and teenage years – perhaps just find you stupid and embarrassing. (Here, too, there could possibly be dragons that have to do with abortions, abortions or childlessness)
        • Teachers and Coach Dragons: Your brain is always listening to the voices of your teachers who have graded your intelligence and effort, or bosses or coaches who have made negative and disparaging comments about your skills and flaws.
        • Friends, Popular Kids, “Bullies,” Mean Girls, Bad Boys Dragons: Your brain is always listening to the voices of your previous friends, as well as the “popular” kids, bullies, mean girls, and bad boys when you were growing up. These relationships can calm your dragons (good friends) or wrongly increase your mistrust and igniting fires (bullies, mean girls, bad boys).
        • Past, Current, and Future Lover Dragons: Your brain is always listening to this group. These are the most emotionally charged dragons of all, which is why they can upset you more than any other dragon, especially if the relationship becomes “bitter.”
        • Internet Troll Dragons: Your brain is always listening to the voices of people or bots on social media and the internet trolls who want to criticize, embarrass, blame or shame you for the sake of “sports”. Tempt yourself into constantly wanting to measure yourself against them instead of being authentically YOU.

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