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Lysa Farmer is a successful entrepreneur and personal development coach and has been for more than 30 years. As one of the pioneers in her industry, she developed a unique seminar system to develop the highest potential. She looks after successful entrepreneurs who are active worldwide, top managers, people looking for development and very curious people, as well as healing practices and small and medium-sized companies on the topics of change management, growth, conflict management, personal development, systemic wellness, finance and investments. Lysa is a native American from San Francisco and a European by choice.

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The pace and versatility of everything that surrounds us encourages and overwhelms each and every one of us. Lysa has developed a unique philosophy of life over the years - from her professional and life experiences - that supports us every day to recognize, achieve and live our highest potential. Her extensive range of seminars manages to take up the aspects of diverse, modern life in a playful and at the same time profound way.

Success and happiness in life can still be linked today. Having fun in life and having fun at work are not mutually exclusive, they complement each other. This and much more are the topics of her seminars, coaching and online courses.

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- Lysa Farmer

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