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I’am Dr. phil. Lysa Jean Farmer – Founder of AuraSound – Vibrational Medicine: Sound Therapy and also a distributor for SoundGalaxies crystal sound instruments. Experience in up to five exciting and eventful seminar parts how sound moves and changes you and others. Themes and conflicts can be dealt with wonderfully with sound; entirely on non-verbal levels of communication. All seminars are suitable for personal development, as well as professional training to become an AuraSound specialist – sound therapist.

AuraSound sound treatments, sound massages, sound interventions or the “Crystal Sound Balancing® Journeys” have an invigorating and balancing, harmonizing and calming and yet very dynamic effect! They can bring all our powers into a healthy balance.


SoundGalaxies crystal sound bowls and sound forks – a stable German company.

These products are made from the purest 99.998% quartz. This is heated to 2200 degrees Celsius and shaped by centrifugation. This pure quartz provides crystal clear sound with a diverse range of overtones. A singing bowl of this quality and subtlety is not a mass product and is only made from selected materials and under high quality requirements and is therefore a one-off.

The crystal singing bowls produce spherical sounds or tones and can have a positive influence. Due to the simplicity of the sound, which leads to deep relaxation and an almost meditative state, disturbances and blockages can be harmonized or eliminated while playing with crystal singing bowls. Singing bowls are a wonderful instrument for directly expressing suppressed feelings and hidden emotions. The “opening to the inside” causes a solution of deep-seated physical, mental and emotional blockages. Because sensations are heightened during a singing bowl game, it is possible to “filter out” negative emotions and replace them with harmonizing, activating energies. The crystal singing bowls strengthen self-confidence, intuition, basic trust and creativity. Through the authentic experience of one’s own personality, the zest for life returns to everyday life.

The natural power and the information content of the crystal energy are transferred to the pure quartz material of the instruments and made available to the human senses. This is how natural sounds become human therapy.

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