I'am Lysa!

I have been a successful entrepreneur for 25 years. My skills are very versatile and I have proven myself in all of the following areas. I am still working as: Management consultant, seminar leader, personal development coach, publisher, author, guest speaker, trainer, sound therapist, alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, philosopher and human being. I have developed 4 different coaching certification programs and various self-development seminars. All content combines systemic work with psychotherapy plus my own methods for PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT and high potential development. A large portion of "fun" is part of it!

I am a woman with


Pioneer spirit, empathy

and foresight.

My Californian way is full of life, creative, funny, demanding, supportive. I pass on deep knowledge and insights into the most complicated issues and situations in life. Life itself has ingenious solutions for every situation. I support you not only to FIND the SOLUTIONS that are intended for you, but also to USE them.

from america to europe

I was born in San Francisco next to the Golden Gate Bridge. Grown up in Silicon Valley, among other places, the first jobs while studying were in the cradle of the computer industry. I have always been enthusiastic about Europe and have lived in Germany, Switzerland and Austria since 1976. I still have a desire to travel and I like to go on journeys of discovery and let foreign cultures and landscapes inspire me for my own here and now. I seek out nature in all sorts of countries. I learn a lot from her and I really enjoy it. She shows me how diversity and resilience work. I build these qualities into my life, counseling and seminar concepts. Nature shows me how I can become more and more authentic and content. I like to pass on these impulses in my work.

I live for people to say "YES! I CAN" - to their lives, to their freedom. "YES! I CAN" to your highest potential in the HERE and NOW. Just live your own potential and LOVE!


Your gift from me

Nice that you are here! We have prepared a welcome pack for you - super nice videos from Lysa.


My workshops

My seminars are made up of a wide variety of areas of life and business. I have developed and refined them over the past 30 years. All content cleverly flows together in "Personal Development" on all levels of life. The diverse, innovative seminar content supports you in finding your own path and making it accessible, in order to be able to continue on your own CAREER with ease and love, in order to develop yourself further; to develop and live the highest potential.

The contemporary seminar topics affect all areas of life: money and finances, living space and lively everyday life, creativity, inner woman/inner man, media life and business coaching, vibrational medicine - sound therapy, conflict management + mediation through sound therapy, dealing with depression, anger management, systemic wellness , Nature Spirits, animal communication to entrepreneurship and the four self-developed certification programs in coach/consultant careers...

I am often asked: "Which seminar would you recommend for me?" I have to answer in a good mood - every single one! Because every seminar is a jewel and imparts life skills in a wide variety of ways. Each seminar serves to confirm you in your authentic power so that you remain in it and thrive. So, choose the seminar content that shows you how to be consistent with yourself and your environment.

What's special?

It is my special talent to pick people up, no matter where they are in their personal cycle or recognition process in their own highest potential (high potential), and to steadfastly encourage them in their next stage of development (old German: "development" level). to accompany.

because each one of us is very special
and has his or her own way.

I am happy to invest my expertise in you and your project. That enriches us at the same time. I love seeing the eyes light up when I look clients in the eye and experience the sparkle - because it clicks and everything falls into place and falls into place (or in the modern world - when there are euphoric comments on my website or posted on Facebook.)

All exclusive, innovative content that I offer - whether live seminars, coaching, online seminars or webinars - shows you how to build your life (or your career or your business) on a solid, lively and reliable foundation. I'll show you how to permanently integrate more and more personal responsibility and contentment into your life in your growth cycle, while continuing to align yourself with your ultimate vision of your (dream) life. You succeed in authentic work.

The sound of your life's success...

When was the last time you tried something for the 1st time?

What is YOUR criteria for making a better decision for your business or for your personal life? Use my website and my services as one of your high-end resources!

Lysa Farmer

Social initiatives

Even as a teenager I experienced what motivated people with heart and brain and VISIONS can achieve in terms of aspirations. I have from 16.-19. served as Youth Chair for Lake Cunningham Steering Committee for years.
I love animals and have always been active in various initiatives in my own way, such as the animal protection association Haus dertiere in Tirol and the animal hospice Hof Elise e.V.
Also "ICH AGs" - for over 30 years I have been organizing sales platforms and vernissages for various artists, jewelery designers and producers of other life styling products. The founders of the "ME AGs" thus realize their business ideas and can thus do justice to the expression of their soul in the here and now.
In addition, I have been networking interdisciplinary teams of consultants and service providers who support each other for a long time.