The absolute hardest job in life is to choose your own path and follow it!

The “High Performance Coaching Classic” training is a series of programs with which you will learn how you can bring Mindful High Performance into your life as well as your company/business or that of your customers. It consists of several “dimensions”. You will learn to implement a “Mindful Leadership/Lifestyle” in all areas of your life. The great thing about this offer is that it consists of 4 different series. Each series includes competence, mindfulness & joy of life.

Below you will find all 4 Mindful High Performance concepts that form an entire High Performance series. Almost all High Performance participants start with the 1st series – the majority choose to continue coaching in order not only to maintain their career, vocation and private life at an elevated, satisfied, joyful and successful level, but to increase it organically.

From High Potential to “Mindful High” Performance – in our journey together I will guide you to develop and make these qualities your own within the individual programs and modules:
– Focus on your “preciousness” and your “desirability.”
– Energy: Everything that suits me is alive!
– Get involved with his/her differences and take advantage of them
– Expectations of one’s own life are defined – fears of expectations are put aside.
– Rapport: The inner bond with others is implemented through heart energy, strength and authenticity.
– I care about myself – I live – I feel cared for and arrived – I support others to be the same.
– Inspiration is: The commitment to honor one’s own fate. “Purpose”/meaning of life is clarified. (= encounter and develop female leadership genius)
– Experience ultra-modern methodologies – that support you to be the “cutting edge” in life.
You choose the order and the speed! It makes sense – to complete all the content in a series, as they are coordinated and complement each other profitably.

I am (we are) very flexible with each other in our shared process – that’s high performance á la Lysa! You are welcome to choose individual topics from all categories and set up and carry out your own program with me. As always, everything can be purely in German, English or mixed, as it suits you! Curious?! I really wish that for us!

I look forward to your personal booking! We can make an appointment for a “strategy” session by email to in order to get to know each other and have an experience with the program content.

What is possible in your life, career, business, family when you have the audacity to stay on track and follow your own organic path? Are you ready for your originality? Your power theme? Your true spirit and highest priority? Your life success on your own amazing terms? I am ready for you!


How you can benefit from Lysa’s High Performance Coaching

1) Clarity about your goals
Through Lysa’s personal coaching you will gain clarity about your short and long-term goals. Coaching helps you define and refine your goals to ensure a clear path to success.

2) More Efficiency – Increased performance
High-performance coaching focuses on maximizing individual potential and leads to improved performance in both personal and professional areas. You will learn strategies to increase productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.

3) Strategic planning
Coaching can help create a tailored action plan that aligns with set goals. Strategic planning helps you prioritize tasks and keep the focus on what’s important.

4) Increased self-awareness
High-performance coaching includes self-knowledge and enables you to perceive and understand your strengths, weaknesses and behavioral patterns. This increased self-awareness promotes personal and professional growth – in all areas of life.

5) Improved work-life balance
Lysas HPC can help you effectively balance your professional and personal areas of life. A healthy work-life balance contributes to general well-being and sustained peak performance.

6) Stress management
High-performing people often experience stress and burnout. Lysa’s coaching offers tools and techniques for effective stress management. Learning to deal with stress positively promotes resilience and mental well-being.

7) Improved leadership skills
For clients in leadership positions, Lysa’s High Performance Coaching can sharpen leadership, communication and decision-making skills. Improved leadership skills have a positive impact on the team and organizational success.

8) Responsibility and motivation
Lysa acts as an “accountability” partner and ensures that you keep your goals in mind. Regular sessions and Lysa’s unique encouragement boost your motivation and a sense of fulfillment.

9) Effective communication
Among many other points, the HPC also includes improving communication skills and helping you to express yourself clearly and convincingly – blockages that prevent clear communication skills are removed. Effective communication improves relationships, both personal and professional.

10) Tailored strategies
Lysa tailors her HPC coaching strategies to each individual’s unique needs and challenges. Customization ensures you receive targeted guidance for your specific circumstances.

11) Lifelong learning
High-performance coaching promotes a mentality of continuous learning and development – in all areas of life. Through coaching, you develop the habit of looking for opportunities for growth and skill development.


The high performance coaching programs

Series 1: From High Potential to High Performance Basis Program
Having the Audacity to Live your Dreams!

The modules are:
2) Energy – Physiology Mastery
3) Courage
4) Productivity
5) Influence/Rapport
6) Necessity
7) Psychology Mastery
8) Action Indicator Assessment
9) Transformational Truths
10) Persuasion Mastery
11) Purpose Mastery
12) High Performance Commitment (Focal Points)
13) Aura-Coaching You decide when and where in the program to utilize this explicitly different methodology of additional coaching.
14) Crystal Sound Balancing® Journey Session – our Grand Finale. You choose the CSB® Journey you wish to travel on.



Series 2: From High Potential to High Performance Human Drives & Charisma.
Where are you feeling caged, comfortable or charged in your life?

The Modules are:
1) Human Drive & Charisma – Doing the Assessment
2) Control – How are you handling your life, career and visions?
3) Competence – Having the knowledge, skills, ability and wisdom to achieve in your life.
4) Congruence – Living in alignment and integrity
5) Caring – The vulnerable victor
6) Connection to your mission, yourself, with others, with the moment…
7) Change – how do you adapt, grow and actualize your “best self”?
8) Challenge – your willingness to stay persistent and contribute at your highest level
9) Creative Expression – what is and how do you share your unique identity with the world?
10) Contribution – meaningful giving – YOU make a difference in this world!
11) Consciousness – how in touch are you with yourself, your surroundings behaviour -progress, the moment, your Love?
12) Chromed Courage
13) Charged! And Celebration!
14) Aura-Coaching or a Crystal Sound Balancing® Journey Session. You decide when and where in the program to utilize this explicitly different methodology of additional coaching.



Series 3: From High Potential to High Performance Fire Freedom Program.

The Modules are:
1) Declaration – Personal Freedom, Social Oppression, Living Free Manifesto
2) Declaration – Beyond Fear
3) Declaration – Sustained Motivation
4) Declaration – Presence and Power
5) Declaration – Reclaim your (Ideal) Agenda
6) Declaration – Defiance and Division
7) Declaration – Advance with Abandon
8) Declaration – The Yardstick of Character
9) Declaration – Joy & Gratitude
10) Declaration – Emotional Contagion
11) Declaration – Integrity & the 6 Temptations
12) Declaration – Slow Time
13) Declaration – Inspire Greatness
14) Declaration – Love – Receiving and Letting Go


Series 4: From High Potential to High Performance Mindfulness Program.

The Leadership Modules are:
1) Reflecting on Leadership – reflections & aspirations
2) Leadership Philosophy – defining Leadership
3) Leading Others – Interaction, motivation, empowerment
4) Leadership Framework: dealing with conflict, deterrents, staying on track
5) Leadership Self-Assessment
6) Envision – communicating a vision
7) Enlist – brainstorming, people, skillsets
8) Embody – credibility, integrity,
9) Empower – setting conditions necessary for independence
10) Evaluate – focus on your team’s leadership journey + progress
11) Encourage – perspective, rewards, gratitude, recognition
12) Leadership Review
13) Scale – culture of desire and alignment
14) Expanding your sense of vison and service to the world



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The Strategy Session starts the High Performance Coaching program. We define our common strategy for the coaching program, discuss the process and define the goals. The coaching can take place in German or English – or both: for further development and flexibility!

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