AuraSound Vibrational Medicine – Conflict Re”soul”ution

When was the last time you tried something new for the first time?

As so often – Lysa has created a heart workshop – which enables you to gain new perspectives for yourself, your business, family system, your relationships, to rearrange them and bring them to the next level of development. The seminar is also extremely well suited for anyone who is looking for new methods for professional development or who wishes to devote themselves to a new vocation.

are you curious yet? What is this all about? It’s about AuraSound Vibrational Medicine – Conflict Re”soul”ution.Lyrics Conflict management, conflict resolution, mediation – redesign your life, business, relationships innovatively, spontaneously, powerfully and profoundly profitably without words, exclusively with sound bodies.

EVERYONE can do it – that’s the advantage of KLÄNGEN! And everyone experiences the joy of healing solutions to deadlocked, hopeless conflicts and problems.

Lysa has skilfully combined all her skills and competences in this heart method! From her spiritual existence, to her rich life experience as a doctor of business administration, alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, musician, successful serial entrepreneur in 6 countries, seminar leader who has been training and educating people for 40 years… AuraSound Vibrational Medicine Conflict Re”soul”ution is her living Symphony!

Music (=sound) communicates where words fail and sound therapy has been shown to connect with those who were thought unreachable, making it an ideal medium for working with people who have suffered psychological trauma.

Studies prove that every single cell is touched by sound waves. Studies prove that every single cell is touched by sound waves. These “SoundWaves” expand into Energetikum to give voice to unexpressed feelings.

Klang (= AuraSound Vibrational Medicine) offers a unique approach to peacebuilding that has the potential to help communities (can be corporations too!) to address the many phases of conflict in a more constructive and creative way and to achieve a re”soul”ution reach.
AuraSound Vibrational Medicine takes many forms and for a majority of listeners/participants the highest level of emotional satisfaction from sound comes from the organic relationship between dissonance (harmonic tension, disruption or conflict) and consonance (harmonic dissolution).

Sound is a basic human impulse that precedes the formation of words. Where words often fail, complicate, or preclude reconciliation, sound can be critical to successful communication between divided individuals, communities, or systems. Sound can help to treat the trauma and heal the scars of “the (also internal) war”.

Sound and Conflict Resolution: Can a Sound and Story Centered Workshop Actually Increase Empathy? Can it actually contribute to re”soul”ution? Whether with harmonious or discordant sounds, “music” accompanies our human journey, developing further and always new generation after generation. It helps to capture, reformulate and amplify our emotional experiences. It helps to capture, reformulate and amplify our emotional experiences.

Vibrational Medicine allows us to relate to one another across our clearest differences. Vibrational Medicine allows us to relate to one another across our clearest differences. Stories connect people, generations and experiences. They speak to people’s failures, losses, hopes and dreams. Likewise the successes, joie de vivre and being alive.

Just like sounds, stories serve as a vehicle to formulate ideas and thoughts. As a form of narrative, storytelling is a vehicle through which meaning is constructed. And that’s exactly why I created AuraSound Vibrational Medicine in 2008.
As such, it gives voice to individual and collective experiences and/or conditions that would otherwise be dismissed, denied, or misrepresented.

AuraSound Vibrational Medicine Conflict Re“soul”ution restores confidence in one’s life and one’s deep levels of organic harmony. The harmony of my true being is my total protection!

AuraSound Vibrational Medicine is also used in mediation to strengthen actors in a conflict situation and to identify needs and patterns of oppression that otherwise lie dormant. In peacebuilding, which is an integral part of conflict management, sonorous instrumental storytelling plays a critical role in creating shared knowledge and memory and “bargaining power relationships” that in turn lead to successful conflict re”soul”ution

AuraSound Vibrational Medicine – given its ability to carry and convey meaning and experience, how effective is a workshop (=method) that combines both techniques to enhance empathy in one system? Depending on whether mutual horizontal reconciliation is preferred to vertical acceptance or lateral inclusion, people will be forgiven differently through a USE OF SOUND-BASED INTERVENTIONS. Just AuraSound Vibrational Medicine.

“When the pain pierces, the music resonates.” (When the pain penetrates – the music resonates) – This work is dedicated to all those who have experienced loss and pain and who have found their only sense of comfort in music. Perfect for clients considering a new role, changing jobs or looking to grow in their current role.

Are you ready to take responsibility for your own feelings? AuraSound Vibrational Medicine supports you in walking through this cycle:

  1. Emotional slavery = belief in being responsible for the feelings of the other
  2. Rebellious Stage = Detachment from emotional slavery, no regard for the needs of others
  3. Emotional liberation = taking responsibility for one’s own feelings, realizing that other needs are just as important as one’s own
    = achieve conflict re”soul”ut

Tones, sounds, music can not only be heard, but also felt! One of the most sensual experiences in life is to expose and use sound vibrations – and this is what AuraSound Vibrational Medicine is about.

How will you benefit from this seminar? Learning by sonorous doing!
What is the interactive content (entirely on a non-verbal communication level!)

  • Learning to work out powerful and innovative conflict solutions and re”soul”utions
  • Carry out sound interventions in the family or company system
  • Experience musical communication in group dynamics
  • Arranging moral judgments (= statements alienated from our needs) about mediation techniques of Sound Healing.
  • Implement sonorous, non-violent communication (= observation, feelings, need, request/wish).
  • Work on problems with your business, career, learning
  • Promote opposites, balance opposites
  • Sound concert: how did the seminar change me (= musical storytelling)


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Where: In Kirchberg in Tirol – or participate online via Zoom

Your invest: € 350 incl. tax


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