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AuraSound Vibrational Medicine

Why AuraSound and Vibrational Medicine???


The right music, played at the right time, has a healing effect and was an integral part of many cultures. Whether in India or in China, or in Greece, the primitive peoples – everywhere there was a long tradition of using music for healing purposes.
According to, sound therapy is “a generic term for a variety of alternative medicine and wellness treatments that use acoustic vibrations (tones, noises, music, generally sound)”.
You will be supported by the wonderful AURASound seminars – which represent a highly innovative method of vibrational medicine – developed by Dr. phil. Lysa Jean Farmer. Experience in up to five exciting and eventful seminar parts how sound moves and changes you and others. All seminars are suitable for personal development as well as professional training to become an AuraSound specialist, energetic sound therapist.
Meanwhile, studies prove that every single cell is touched by sound waves. Sound vibrations stimulate joie de vivre, self-esteem and healthy self-esteem.
These “SoundWaves” expand in the energetic to give voice to unexpressed feelings such as shock and trauma. This is how you reduce being hurt and stress (dis-ease). This is how you revive trust in your own life and your own deep levels of harmony. “The harmony of my true self is my total protection.”
Tones, sounds, music can not only be heard, but also felt! One of the most sensual experiences in life is exposure to and using sound vibrations – and this is what Vibrational Medicine and AuraSound are also concerned with.
AuraSound as sound treatments and sound massages have an invigorating and balancing, harmonizing and calming effect and can bring all our strengths into a healthy balance. The sound treatment and/or sound massage is implemented according to individual needs, wishes and goals. Each session remains a unique experience.
Themes and conflicts can be dealt with wonderfully with sound; entirely on non-verbal levels of communication.

The AuraSound Vibrational Medicine Seminars –

that make you sonorous as well as educate you…




the crystalline sounds – “Crystal Inspirations” – become harmonious with yourself, make yourself sonorous, as well as train…

Gain access to the New Earth Matrix. In order to be able to align your Sound Healing accordingly, we will be working with “Crystal Singing” instruments throughout the weekend. With the crystal instruments we implement the equality of body, soul and spirit. We learn playing techniques and effects from a wide variety of crystal instruments: frosted as well as SoundGalaxies Crystal Singing Bowls (singing bowls), meridian/classic/nervous system crystal singing forks, practitioners, DS-Crystal Singing Rods, the sphere, lyre, harp – all instruments made of 99.992 SiO2 crystal .

• Sacred Sound Crystal Sounds as a path in silence and as a link between humanity, Earth/Tara/Gaia and the Divine;
• Stress Release: Developing a finer perception of yourself and your surroundings;
• Shock equalization / pain balancing / scar suppression / grounding;
• Harmonize imbalances in the body – focus: teeth, jaw, coccyx, navel;
• Shame reduction – saying goodbye to bad conscience;
• Joy balancing, deceleration, return to the correct, own rhythm of life

A novelty! Totally brilliant – many of my seminars take place at the same time! This means you can be there on site in Kirchberg – or participate in the seminar “remotely” via zoom “live feed” from home.

Where: on site in Kirchberg in Tirol – or via zoom

Next date: 2023 will be announced

Price: €350.00 incl. tax

… a small sample:




Being the 5 elements — turning point in time – man as a gateway to “being there”

Use and application of various sound bodies, as well as the old earth energy matrix (previous planetary tones) and the new earth energy matrix (crystalline structures).

• Communicate with the elements fire, water, earth, air, ether – activate and/or balance the “keys” to your life;
• Sound energetics – chakra, aura, colors, spheres;
• Experience the use of sound journeys yourself and learn to practice them;
• The inner massage with the sound cradle and the sound shower;
• Telepathic Sound Energetic;
• Drum massage, crystal massage, etc.;
• Treat and be treated

A novelty! Totally brilliant – many of my seminars take place at the same time! This means you can be there on site in Kirchberg – or participate in the seminar “remotely” via zoom “live feed” from home.

Where: on site in Kirchberg in Tirol – or via zoom


Voice, voice, tones — The sounding origin

This section is not only useful for Sound Healing (Vibrational Medicine) – but also for those of you who (should) start creating seminars, webinars, podcasts, video blogs, etc. – here you will get to know YOUR voice and its nuance and appreciate and use it profitably!

Do you have issues with your voice? Does she tire when you have to talk too much? Can you amplify your voice far-reaching and effortlessly? Is your voice perceived by others as too monotonous or nasal? Your voice is ultimately your most powerful, sonorous tool in communication. The resonance of your voice goes hand in hand with how you come across to others and how you resonate with each other. And how you resonate with others not only affects interpersonal relationships, but also your money-resonance flow (= income). What if your voice becomes a sonic resonance for you?

How do you want to use your own voice? Get to know them better and recognize the strength that carries you – your hidden power. In the seminar we work with:

• Breath – an improved supply of oxygen: Is your voice shaped by the moon or the sun? And why it’s important.. Getting to know Terlusolology.
• Sound amplification through the use of vowels and umlauts, lip and tongue overtones;
• The power of your name “I am…”;
• Improvisation;
• Harmonic Toning;
• Distant Energetic: Learning to align and control the voice to generate frequencies of Sympathetic Resonance and achieve balance in the physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies;
• Ground / Anchor Rhythm Sound 3D.

Assistant trainer Antonia Brunner (opera singer, naturopath, Terlusollogist)


AURASOUND Modul: Conflict Re”soul”ution

Sound and Conflict Resolution: Can a Sound and Story Centered Workshop Actually Increase Empathy? Can it actually contribute to re”soul”ution? Whether with harmonious or discordant sounds, “music” accompanies our human journey, developing further and always new generation after generation. It helps to capture, reformulate and amplify our emotional experiences. It helps to capture, reformulate and amplify our emotional experiences.

Vibrational Medicine allows us to relate to one another across our clearest differences. Vibrational Medicine allows us to relate to one another across our clearest differences. Stories connect people, generations and experiences. They speak to people’s failures, losses, hopes and dreams. Likewise the successes, joie de vivre and being alive.

Just like sounds, stories serve as a vehicle to formulate ideas and thoughts. As a form of narrative, storytelling is a vehicle through which meaning is constructed. And that’s exactly why I created AuraSound Vibrational Medicine in 2008.
As such, it gives voice to individual and collective experiences and/or conditions that would otherwise be dismissed, denied, or misrepresented.

AuraSound Vibrational Medicine Conflict Re“soul”ution restores confidence in one’s life and one’s deep levels of organic harmony. The harmony of my true being is my total protection!

AuraSound Vibrational Medicine is also used in mediation to strengthen actors in a conflict situation and to identify needs and patterns of oppression that otherwise lie dormant. In peacebuilding, which is an integral part of conflict management, sonorous instrumental storytelling plays a critical role in creating shared knowledge and memory and “bargaining power relationships” that in turn lead to successful conflict re”soul”ution

AuraSound Vibrational Medicine – given its ability to carry and convey meaning and experience, how effective is a workshop (=method) that combines both techniques to enhance empathy in one system? Depending on whether mutual horizontal reconciliation is preferred to vertical acceptance or lateral inclusion, people will be forgiven differently through a USE OF SOUND-BASED INTERVENTIONS. Just AuraSound Vibrational Medicine.

“When the pain pierces, the music resonates.” (When the pain penetrates – the music resonates) – This work is dedicated to all those who have experienced loss and pain and who have found their only sense of comfort in music. Perfect for clients considering a new role, changing jobs or looking to grow in their current role.

Are you ready to take responsibility for your own feelings? AuraSound Vibrational Medicine supports you in walking through this cycle:

  1. Emotional slavery = belief in being responsible for the feelings of the other
  2. Rebellious Stage = Detachment from emotional slavery, no regard for the needs of others
  3. Emotional liberation = taking responsibility for one’s own feelings, realizing that other needs are just as important as one’s own
    = achieve conflict re”soul”ut

Tones, sounds, music can not only be heard, but also felt! One of the most sensual experiences in life is to expose and use sound vibrations – and this is what AuraSound Vibrational Medicine is about.

How will you benefit from this seminar? Learning by sonorous doing!
What is the interactive content (entirely on a non-verbal communication level!)

  • Learning to work out powerful and innovative conflict solutions and re”soul”utions
  • Carry out sound interventions in the family or company system
  • Experience musical communication in group dynamics
  • Arranging moral judgments (= statements alienated from our needs) about mediation techniques of Sound Healing.
  • Implement sonorous, non-violent communication (= observation, feelings, need, request/wish).
  • Work on problems with your business, career, learning
  • Promote opposites, balance opposites
  • Sound concert: how did the seminar change me (= musical storytelling)


More information about the seminar


A novelty! Totally brilliant – many of my seminars take place at the same time! This means you can be there on site in Kirchberg – or participate in the seminar “remotely” via zoom “live feed” from home.

Participate now LIVE on site

Participate online via Zoom



AURASOUND Module 5 – Completion
Vibrational Medicine – conclusion and final seminar with certification for:

AuraSound Vibrational Medicine Sound Therapist

On these days we will reflect on what we have learned from the 4 AuraSound modules (crystal, 5 elements, voice, conflict management). The individual sound projects of the seminar participants are presented and we exchange our experiences, results and visions for sound therapy (SoundHealing).

In addition: Successfully lead the counseling/therapy session. Room/place cleaning, dementia, systemic placements, aqua treatments. Extensive question and answer options, supervision sections. We still experience the spontaneous that is required for the graduate group so that everyone feels comfortable and competent as an AuraSound specialist / energetic sound therapist.


A novelty! Totally brilliant – many of my seminars take place at the same time! This means you can be there on site in Kirchberg – or participate in the seminar “remotely” via zoom “live feed” from home.

Where: on site in Kirchberg in Tirol – or via zoom


EinKlang – various possibilities for your best possible success…

The following fields of work are worked on intensively throughout all seminar sections:
• Development of one’s own consulting style (how do I support clients);
• Self-responsibility and responsibility towards clients;
• How do I accompany people, animals, places, rooms successfully through their world of emotions;
• Perception of disharmony, feelings, blockages, well-being (in oneself and in others);
• How to conduct a session successfully and cordially (also marketing, prices, ethics);
• gain confidence in your subtle perception;
• Learn how to deal with all kinds of sound bodies and sense and interpret their effects;
• Understanding of the characteristics and possibilities of the New Earth;
• Sound therapy options on different bodies: recognizing and implementing carbon, light and crystal.


My wish for these seminars and especially for the training is that you feel AuraSound in your heart, live it and pass on healing and sonorous impulses to your clients, friends, family, animals and environment as a living “Sacred Song”.
During the training you will find real treasures in instruments, sound bodies and especially the new crystal sound tools.
SoundGalaxies produces the Crystal Singing Bowls, Crystal Singing Forks, Crystal Practitioners that we use in the seminar. SoundGalaxies is an innovative German company. These crystal instruments are made in Germany. All products are made of the purest, 99.998% quartz, which is heated to 2200 degrees Celsius and shaped by centrifugation. This pure quartz provides crystal clear sound with a diverse range of overtones. A singing bowl of this quality and subtlety is not a mass product. The bowls are made from selected materials and under high quality requirements and are therefore unique pieces.
The crystal instruments produce spherical sounds or tones and can have a positive influence.. Due to the simplicity of the sound, which leads to deep relaxation and an almost meditative state, disturbances and blockages can be harmonized or eliminated while playing with crystal singing bowls. Singing bowls are a wonderful instrument for directly expressing suppressed feelings and hidden emotions. The “opening inwards” causes a solution of deep-seated physical, mental and emotional blockages. Because sensations are heightened during a singing bowl game, it is possible to “filter out” negative emotions and replace them with harmonizing, activating energies. The crystal singing bowls strengthen self-confidence, intuition, basic trust and creativity. Through the authentic experience of one’s own personality, the zest for life returns to everyday life.
A large selection of crystal instruments can be purchased directly from me.

* Note: The AuraSound consultation, SoundTherapy, seminars, training and crystal instruments are not a substitute for medical diagnosis or therapy; are great as an accompanying measure!