Your voice

The sounding original instrument

Would you like to lure out your voice, develop it and find your own center as well as open up new ways for unexpected creative development?

This section is not only useful for Sound Healing (Vibrational Medicine) – but also for those of you who (should) start creating seminars, webinars, podcasts, video blogs, etc. – here you will get to know YOUR voice and its nuance and appreciate and use it profitably!

Do you have issues with your voice? Does she tire when you have to talk too much? Can you amplify your voice far-reaching and effortlessly? Is your voice perceived by others as too monotonous or nasal? Your voice is ultimately your most powerful, sonorous tool in communication. The resonance of your voice goes hand in hand with how you come across to others and how you resonate with each other. And how you resonate with others not only affects interpersonal relationships, but also your money-resonance flow (= income). What if your voice becomes a sonic resonance for you?

How do you want to use your own voice? Get to know them better and recognize the strength that carries you – your hidden power.

We offer you a playful approach to your voice and amazing results! An alternative workshop for voice training and “vocal fun” with alternative practitioner for psychotherapy – Dr. phil. Lysa Jean Farmer and opera singer + naturopath – Antonia Brunner.


Saturday, day 1 – designed by Antonia

I have been a full-time member of the ensemble of the Bavarian State Opera since 1993. As a trained opera singer, I will help you to find and free your own voice on my seminar day.

During my training I learned about the concept of terlusolology; the inhalation and exhalation types Lunar and Solar. That helped me a lot back then and so I have now completed my training as a Terlusollogist with great enthusiasm.

This knowledge made me understand a lot. I work intensively with your breath, help to free it and thus support the solution of (voice) blockages – when singing and speaking. On the way to your own voice you meet yourself!

My other passion is being a non-medical practitioner with my own practice. My central work is the Emmett Technique and Craniosacral Therapy, which I have just completed with Wilhelm Blattner. I also offer Colon Hydrotherapy and BodyTalk.

In search of integrating my voice, I found AuraSound sound therapy with Dr. Lysa Jean Farmer and I am now very happy to be able to work with her. I was deeply touched by her work and was able to experience from her how much fun it is to work with so-called lay people!

Bring any folk song, song or aria, uncertainty about the text is not a problem, it’s about the style, we’ll lure your voice out!

I’m happy for you

Naturopathic practice Inti Wasi
Antonia Brunner

Sunday Day 2 – designed by Lysa

I come from a family with music teachers and composers and have therefore been very musical since I was a child. My “instruments” are choir, clarinet, oboe, cello, recorder, crystal singing bowls.

Since 1996 I have been using my voice as a therapeutic body of sound. In 2006 I trained as a “Holographic Sound Healer” with crystal singing bowls and voice to deepen my knowledge.

I am the founder of “AuraSound-Vibrational Medicine”. The strength of AuraSound is not only the sound healing modules, but also the process management aspects coupled with intuitive gut intelligence and joyful implementation.

As part of one such open process during Antonia’s seminar visit, I invited her to apply her work with terlusollogy in the group. I was so enthusiastic about Antonia’s implementation of the methodology that I offered her to organize the first day of the voice seminar – and 3 years later we are enjoying conducting seminars together more and more.

On my seminar day we practice:

◊ Vocal sound reinforcement through the use of vowels and umlauts, lip and tongue overtones
◊ Using a methodology I developed, we carry out a “vote constellation” of your name. You experience the power of your own name: “I am…”
◊ Improvisation – heart singing
◊ Harmonic Toning – Vocal warm-up
◊ Aligning and controlling your voice to generate frequencies of sympathetic resonance to achieve balance in the physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies
◊ Remote Energetic

I look forward to our joint work!

€ 380.00 Voice weekend

Wann: 22. + 23. Juli 2023
Wo: Kirchberg / Tirol ODER online über Zoom

€ 380,-

jeweils von 10 bis 19 Uhr
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