The Grace Rays

Successfully navigating through life and the gates of change - depression, anger, being wanted...

Disconnecting from Burnout & Boreout reconnecting to the wave of Love;
Dealing with depression and anger – the transformation into: vitality joy of life self-esteem –
the 3 keys to successful change!

Depression, burnout, boreout = change is imminent… WHAT did you reject and WHERE did you stop?;
ANGRY = that which prevents you from progressing… What is your favorite victim play/role?;
Wanted = the next level of joie de vivre + being satisfied! Can you accept your righteous place in life?

The 3 Gates to Lasting Change
Navigating through the Life and the Change Doors – delivering progress.
Depression, Burnout, Boreout = a time to change… WHAT did you resist/refuse?
Anger = that which prevents you from moving forward –
Desirable = next level of joy + fulfillment

Lao Tzu
If you are depressed you are living in the past.
If you are anxious you are living in the future.
If you are at peace you are living in the present.

“Being present in the present is the present” …

The Grace Rays – Seminar Day 1: Depression

Every time you choose fear over love and trust, you choose separation and pain and take a step away from your divine self. You artificially distance yourself further from the original source, from the life you have lived. Every time you experience trauma, consciously or unconsciously, you lose a piece of yourself and build up the energy for depression. Over time you end up in paralysis, lifelessness (burnout/boreout) and even worse in “systemic” hypnosis due to these reflexes. It escalates into an (un)conscious refusal of life. You withdraw, lose your fire – your life grows cold!
Fear of closeness, fear of happiness, fear of change, fear of success, fear of life, fear of your anger. Fear of systemic punishment and/or persecution.
This spiral is also reinforced every day by the press, social media, our diet, wave technologies and many other external factors. And by the way, each one of us also brings along our own soul past that wants to be sorted out so that everyone can live out and BE their freedom, being alive and their full vitality in the new age. Overcoming depression, anger, fear, boreout, systemic hypnosis, and feelings of unwantedness are collective issues that affect each of us.
These “entities” represent a form of cursing and self-condemnation until understood, felt, experienced, and accepted. These “limitations” want to be recognized as opportunities for development – without us losing love for ourselves.

How are you dealing with them?


• Lecture Depression and Anxiety: New impulses from the perspective of the soul
• Recognizing interacting factors (e.g. mindset, nutrition, geomancy) of everyday life that lead to anxiety and depression
• Recognize stress, disappointments, a lack of security, instincts to flee
• Clearly work out your beliefs about depression and anxiety and consciously engage with them
• Say goodbye to the stolen or lost honor and the desire to restore honor
• Turning your depression or anxiety into a concrete goal. So it is time to accept your own destiny by giving up the wildness in yourself and choosing your self-esteem and your true dreams or talents

Seminar day 2: Anger workshop

Danger! We implement consistently and gigantic! Yippie do! Lysa has designed super mega exercises for “anger management implementation”! Here you will encounter various methods – for a healing “decay” of the feelings of anger!

It’s time to get to know and accept all your feelings. As the saying goes, if you stay angry for more than 8 seconds, it’s YOUR problem. It doesn’t matter whether you show your anger or keep it “to yourself”. Anger prepares the body to right injustice. Since hate, burnout, boreout, cancer, Covid, diabetes, depression, MS, Parkinson’s, chronic dental issues, and much more are hardening of anger, it is necessary that anger (= misused firepower) leaves the body in a timely and fair manner .

The collective cleansing of the shadows: destructiveness, aggression, powerlessness, envy, jealousy and the release of tensions is pending. Through the personal processing of these topics, you rejoin the energy fields of perseverance, self-confidence, fairness, incorruptibility, contentment and vitality. (= you are alive!)

The goal of this second day is to face, feel and release personal anger, personal aggressiveness, personal hatred, one’s own powerlessness and one’s own selfishness as well as self-denial. The energy released from this should be preserved and also noted, so that you can live your true strength and power and the desire to be in the here and now!


Seminar day 3: development and unfolding of being desired

The experience of the third day of the seminar is: Are you ready to take the “journey home” to awaken your full soul potential?

We allow ourselves to be desired. (= arriving in your living being!) You learn that life means well with you, that life is your friend and you integrate joie de vivre and feelings of happiness into your everyday life. As much as is currently possible for you. At the moment of your birth, you already possessed all the information and powers you need to master life. And you will be updated daily in the here and now (2023)! Use your life as an opportunity to become who you are! Life is and will always be your ally!!!

Or would you rather choose – violated, victimized, “too small to make a difference?”

Hooray for you when you are ready to meet your field of being alive – to live and to be!

Are you ready to face your personal responsibility in order to draw from this potential and awareness?

If so – you are here at the right time, in the right place, with the right contributors to do what is right for you and your soul – to allow your good future to live and be.

Welcome to the Grace Rays!


• Lecture on being desired in the new quality of time
• The rapprochement of your sensitivity, intimacy and closeness
• Strengthening of soul power
• Reconciliation with the rhythm of life
• Define your sphere of activity
• Expanding your potential for happiness and being free
• Learning to recognize, accept and use freedom of choice
• The healing of your “lucky child”
• The re-creation of enthusiasm, future and aspiration
• The feedback to the 4 primordial angelic forces: power, strength, violence, form, power

€ 450,-

The 3 modules can also be booked individually with: € 190 per day

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10 a.m. – 6 p.m. in Kirchberg/Tyrol