Courage to be envied – Shake the mess

Take your mess and turn it into your message

Do you know that – the desire “not to become someone” and to carry the conflict in you: “but want to be who”? Are you trapped in this collective “playground”? Courage to become envious! do you own this?

The chaos of the world will continue – STOP PLAYING IT SMALL! Your authenticity carries you. Die Frage bleibt: wie kreativ und gelassen gehstThe question remains: how creative and relaxed do you deal with it? du damit um? Are you ready to name and transform your territorial conflicts – to shed the powerlessness that comes with it?

Sometimes all you have to do is shake the chaos a little and it becomes a miracle.


Among other things, we investigate these questions:

  • How uncomfortable are you with your success?
  • What envy issues prevent you from realizing your greatest potential?
  • What bad reputation (reputation strain) do you expect if YOU are successful?
  • Do you have family permission to take an unconventional and risky path in life? AND to be successful?

Dreaming your life doesn’t mean planning it – it’s time to make things happen and live – do it!
Have you been wondering lately…
• What is my authenticity?
• How do I reach this?
• Where and how do I create added value from my chaos?
• When and how will my “best self” show itself?
• When was I in the FLOW today?
• What assignment does life have for me?

“Life is there for us to recognize diversity, accept it and use it to create something new” (Lysa Farmer)

Give “them” something to envy:
• Perform your best;
• Work out dynamic order;
• Evaluate and enliven life arenas;
• Recognize enthusiasm triggers;
• Personal development: develop attention, affect, action;
• 10 factors for personal success.

Clarity, courage, productivity, energy, implementation, influence… Shake yourself together in a unique and diverse way to be considered your own authenticity, your FLOW and added value.


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Always from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in Kirchberg/Tyrol

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