SPECIAL: The best investment – your knowledge of “DAS System”

The best investment? YOUR knowledge about “THE system”

A NEW super awesome seminar took place this June! And I am happy to share with you this unique SPECIAL money/currency/ and resource conference in the form of the recordings including MEGA SUPERLATIVE BONUS content 🤗✨🥳

I’ve been asked so many times over the last six months to hold another money seminar. But I knew that it had to be more “modern” and even more varied and lively.

Now the time has come! I am very happy about this announcement as well as the superlative content and the likeable, experienced experts/speakers that I was able to win for this conference – to make YOU aware, so that you can better recognize, choose, accept and manage your resources.

I wanted to offer you something GENIUS that is super enlightening and enriching at the same time.

Keywords: crypto, digital currency, associations, Reich citizens, corporations, leasehold, maritime canonical law, bonus system, WEF, Feng Shui, Gesara, Nesara, Kadaster

How much have you deepened your knowledge on these topics so far?
For many people (including many AuraCounselors and Energetics) the issues are uncomfortable and overwhelming. Over 4 days we develop and deepen our knowledge and our handling of different money and resource fields. We focus on your future potentials.

Got it.. time is money… and you want to know the conference agenda… then just scroll down… and register now! 😀

Superimposed for you as a private person – but there are also important impulses for all Aura consultants so that you can better support your clients in a future-oriented manner. Looking beyond the soup plate – and being able to recognize
intergalactic connections – is more important than ever.

Money/currency is not the same as money/currency. It is a means of exchanging energy and communicating and also growing from it. Behind money/currency, that human lives and human dreams are always connected… At least our soul knows that; she understands it rather old-fashioned and wishes for more ethics, fairness and appreciation in our dealings with it. The soul still expects “the handshake quality” with all implementation of currency fields.

You can now receive this SUPERLATIVE event in WEBINAR FORMAT!

Find out what money/currency has to do with appreciation.
Align them with your own emotional needs.
Are you interested in your reconciliation with the system?

“Surving, Thriving and Prospering” during and after currency changes. Empires are built during stormy times.
Stop waiting for “better times” – I encourage you to realize your life dreams in the here and now!
The 4 days and the explosive content support you.


I order the recording!


Shall we now take a look at the speakers and conference agenda?
Ringing coins, “crispy” banknotes and “plenty of plastic” and dangle those “chains” baby!


Preliminary conference agenda and content:
Are you looking for an expanded and constructive use of your own money/currency/resources?
Do you have questions about the nature of “money”, how it works, how it was created and how it influences society.

Then you’ve come to the right place at this “GOLD” conference!

Thursday 9 June 2022
10.00 a.m. Welcome á là Lysa
11.00 am – 1.00 pm Brand new content: Lysa’s ENRICHING Wealth Workout – more varied than ever, so that you are even MORE SUCCESSFUL!

13.00 – 15.00 Lunch and networking time
15.00 – 18.30 Johanna SchlugaFeng Shui: Living and working in harmony with the environment
How can feng shui support your life and business? Johanna has successfully managed to combine Western and Asian approaches to Feng Shui in a holistic concept, always with the aim of to harness the energy sources that surround us for our personal flow of energy. The result is increased well-being, better health and higher productivity, as well as better collaboration and increased creativity, appreciation and productivity in companies.
At our conference, Johanna will start with the bird’s-eye view and refine the view (=region, place, house, room). which interaction and consequences does the region have the place, your house and your “home office” or your office/practice premises? How is the energy generation and development? How is energy withdrawn or ripped off? Also like contracts and their signing date can massively influence a life, a business, a marriage, an employment, notary appointments, etc.
Did you know that every living space (and therefore also business/practice space) is in a 20-year cycle that has an impact on its energy? What are impacts if the human and habitat are not updated?
Especially those who work as aura consultants or energetics should get to know these topics. Suggestions on how interference fields can be harmonized and sorted are shown.
Johanna has a specialgenerous highlight ato the conference participants – whoever wants to – gets his/her region printed out and “suggestions” implemented by Johanna. WOW! What a treat!

FFriday, June 10, 2022
10.00 am – 1.30 pm Lysa’s enriching wealth workout – more varied than ever, so that you are even more successful!

13:30 – 15:30 Lunch and networking time
15.30 – 19.30 Lysa’s Wealth Workout –– “The walk of fame…”
Live practice with money/resources round. The rules of the money game – games to win Every game has rules. Know the rules and play the game to win.


Saturday 11 June 2022

10:00 – 13:30 Christian Schoor – Crypto, Digital Currency, Blockchain, NFTs, Metaverse

Crypto technology is a potential huge opportunity for societal change. The pendulum can swing in the direction of centralization, control and censorship or in the direction of privacy, anonymity and individual freedom.

General classification of crypto from Christian’s point of view for everyone. What is crypto (technology)? How did “the field” of crypto come about in the first place? Crypto in the current reality. Where do we stand right now, polarity (e.g. central-control-censorable vs. decentralized-private-free), political-global situation with crypto. What does “crypto” include, everything that crypto can do, what remarkable projects are there right now. What role does cryptocurrency play in all of this? How can projects differ (e.g. centralized – decentralized)

Ways to start trading cryptocurrencies. Current fields/opportunities for investment opportunities.

As a knowledge imparter, Christian would like to lead his listeners towards competent self-responsibility and by far favors the liberal scenario.

13.30 – 15.30 lunch break and networking time

3.30 p.m. – 6.30 p.m. Wolfgang Reischmann – Relevance of Austrian associations (especially for non-Austrians)

Why could an Austrian association be interesting for you, your project and your business? For whom is such a structure in question? Wolfgang explains the main differences and criteria so that your project is integrated into the state requirements in the best possible way. What are the advantages of sovereignty and club autonomy. The verbal eroticism behind successful statutes. What legal gray area should you be aware of? Helpful knowledge about people, persons and masks so that you can live a “dumb-free” life. That is, if it’s not forbidden – it’s allowed

Sunday 12 June 2022

10:00 am Welcome a la Lysa

11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Questions + answers and deepening with Christian, Wolfgang, Johanna + Lysa

13.00 – 15.00 Lunch and networking time

15.00 – 18.00 Lysa’s enriching wealth workout Conclusion: Realign your resource mindset

Final meditation Lysa and her crystal singing bowls


Ich bestelle die Aufzeichnung!


Dr. phil. Lysa Farmer
Since 1992 Lysa has been working as a freelance entrepreneur, consultant and trainer and naturopath for psychotherapy in order to convey spirituality and business with self-development, appreciation and (life) resources in holistic solutions for a new energy/money awareness.
A tool for this for 30 years is: Lysa’s legendary money seminars.
It is particularly interesting that Lysa focuses on self-esteem in particular. Her purpose is to: look through your money/currency/resource history at eye level to accept your miracle in cash!! Spiritual handling of money, currency, resources, business and success is possible and livable! You are worth it as a person here


Lysa’s evergreens on money + resources:





Christian Schoor
Jack of all trades and Jack of all trades! Among other things, with the topics of cryptocurrency, dowsing/geopathology, alternative forms of society, history, energy work, permaculture and reality shaping.

He has been active in the field of crypto since 2017, primarily as a trader and as a project supporter. He sees crypto technology as a huge opportunity for social change. The pendulum can swing in the direction of centralization, control and censorship or in the direction of privacy, anonymity and individual freedom.
As a knowledge broker, he would like to lead his listeners to competent self-responsibility, and in doing so he greatly favors the liberal scenario.



Johanna Schluga
She has been a passionate Feng Shui consultant since 1996 and mainly works in Austria and Germany. In addition to Feng Shui consultations for private individuals and companies, she also trains Feng Shui consultants according to her Red Dragon School. Numerous references in the private sector and in companies from a wide variety of industries confirm the effectiveness and holistic view of this consulting approach.

Johanna has a super special for all “on site” conference participants!




Wolfgang Reischmann

Institut Reischi
Verband der gemeinnützigen Vereine
St. Johann im Pongau
Verein: Mensch zu Mensch – Selbsthilfeverein zur Förderung, Erforschung, Stärkung und Befähigung humaner Eigenverantwortung – ZVR:199065694
Experte seit mehr als 10 Jahren für
Kompaktes Wissen (gemeinnützigen) Vereinsgründung.


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