Lysa’s Supervision Seminar originated as an adjunct to the training for practicing AuraReading Consultants, AuraSound Vibrational Medicine Practitioners, Kinesiologists, and any other Therapist-Healthcare Professional, or Psychological-Counselling Circle to appropriately deal with situations such as hurt , discrimination or bullying.

Relief through reflection on the professional situation, frequent misunderstandings and difficulties in everyday work and the associated negative feelings are dealt with in a joint reflection process.

Outside of your comfort zone, your personality grows, as do your professional skills. You may also be required to experience new things. In this protected space of the supervision seminar, your experience grows and your self-confidence is strengthened!

Supervision brings experiences and adventures to the fore. This opens up room for maneuver for good work.

Did you do something and it didn’t go the way you wanted? You have plans to do something and would like input on how it could work? Do you have questions about techniques?

The aim of this workshop is to optimize interpersonal relationships and cooperation between the counselor/therapist and the client.
New intervention competencies as well as often new processes or methods are developed. Crisis intervention, crisis management, conflict resolution can be worked through together. At this seminar there is the opportunity to exchange ideas and to work on current problems in concrete terms. If available – please bring your case studies with you. Supervision provides insight into the dynamics of your relationships with your clients and patients; offers you support while you support your clients. You can discuss professional matters and receive mentoring on business and practice issues.

Here is a definition of supervision from ‘Practical Supervision’ by Henderson, Holloway & Millar:

“Oversight is not the same as management, nor is it like working directly with clients, patients or service users. It requires different frames of thought and some new skills. It is advisory, exploratory and essentially non-judgmental, usually not a must time to explain what the supervised has to do. It’s a boundless, purposeful relationship with deadlines and defined roles and responsibilities, meaning it’s not a friendship. Still, it’s best possible when all parties relax, enjoy together, and feel free to be full of themselves, whether dealing with awkward or awkward affairs or simply sharing information. It was designed to support and enable reflective practice. Ideally, it’s a place to “play” in the best sense of the word, untangling knotted thinking and tangled emotions.”

Both the supervision seminar and the 1-day conference are also great for Q & A sessions, so that you feel safe and competent in your job(s) + practice! Supervision is highly professional, reflective and result-oriented.

I look forward to your participation!